Buy Tickets to When Shadows Fall

Reserve your chance to enter the hidden society of PENUMBRA

Tickets NOW ON SALE for the first 6 weeks:
July 7 through August 14, 2016


We have several ticket options for you below. Once you have decided the path that is right for you, choose a show from the calendar on the left and register for your transition to Penumbra. The experience begins as soon as you buy a ticket…
But you’re not just buying a ticket to experience When Shadows Fall.

You’re obtaining a visa to become a citizen of Penumbra, leaving your material and spiritual insecurities on the Outside. Penumbra is your new home, your new life.

Ticket Types:

> Entry to PENUMBRA

visaAdmission for one new citizen to the harmonious society of PENUMBRA, to be properly acclimated immediately upon entry. You will be among the lucky first to step inside as we open our doors to the public for the first time in our 28-year history.

> VIP Upgrade + Entry to PENUMBRA

Join Penumbra as a VIP guest of the Office. Your entry visa to our society will include the following upgrades:


  • A special audio message to enjoy on your drive to Penumbra to best prepare you to leave the Outside.
  • A reserved parking space within short walking distance of Penumbra’s front door.
  • Express entry concierge service courtesy of the Office upon your arrival. No waiting in line for you.
  • An exclusive one-on-one pre-show experience with a Penumbra citizen you won’t soon forget.
  • Access to a special secret once inside Penumbra.
  • A unique VIP-exclusive parting gift.

> Repeat Player Discount (3 Entries, Any Night)

loyalty-cardLive the game – again and again and again. Return and play a different role. With 13 vastly different roles to choose from, When Shadows Fall is never the same story twice!

One price to enter Penumbra 3 times, on any night, regardless of price. (Up to a 25% savings!) Select your first night at time of purchase. Instructions on how to select your remaining two nights will be e-mailed to you after you have attended the first time.

> Group Discount (10 or more) – Entry to PENUMBRA
($5 off each ticket)

> Education Discount – Entry to PENUMBRA

Discounted admission for one new citizen to the harmonious society of PENUMBRA, to be properly acclimated immediately upon entry. (Must show Student, Teacher, or Faculty ID upon arrival. Failure to show the required ID will result in being turned away without a refund.)


Prices vary depending on the day of the week, show time, ticket level, and special offers.