When Shadows Fall – VR Kickstarter Reward

The harmonious society of Penumbra has come and gone – but you can now get a virtual view into what our weird world once was.

Through the wonder of 360-degree video comes a virtual reality experience, shot in 2016 during our 2-day only preview run at the Orlando Fringe Festival. It was an early glimpse into the society we had created, before the full immersive production opened.

This experience, dubbed Enter Penumbra, offered six small groups of just 13 people a chance to be among the first Outsiders to step inside Penumbra and meet a few of its highest ranking citizens. Cain, the Office’s Vice President of Strategy, picked them up from Fringe in a black van with windows covered, to preserve the security of our secret society. Upon arrival, they were led on a tour of Penumbra joined by Harlan, the Office’s Vice President of Operations. But the tour was abruptly derailed as Nikolai, K. Alexander, Florence, and Odessa had entertaining plans of their own.

If you received a custom When Shadows Fall Cardboard VR headset, you can use it to view this 360-degree immersive experience, compatible with most smart phones. If you aren’t sure how to assemble it, check out one of many tutorials online. It’s pretty simple.

To watch the VR experience, simply load up the video below. On a computer, click and drag around the video while watching. On mobile devices, you can virtually look around you to follow the action by physically moving your mobile device around. If you have Google’s Cardboard VR, simply open up the latest version of the YouTube app and tap the Cardboard VR icon to get the full immersive experience. For the best view, be sure to select the 1440s quality option while streaming over WiFi. Wearing headphones while watching is also strongly recommended.

Now, step into Penumbra…